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simple jewelry for beautiful souls

embrace the little things


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SimplePleasures is exactly what it sounds like. I wear my necklaces everywhere and I always get compliments on them, they truly are an eye catcher and a conversation starter. It’s a website that has great products for half of what you would pay somewhere else, not to mention the quick shipping time and great feature of being able to create exactly what you want!!

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SP Gemstone Necklaces
SP Gemstone Necklaces


Starry Night Necklace
Starry Night Necklace

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Sunshine Necklace
Sunshine Necklace


SP Gemstone Necklaces
SP Gemstone Necklaces


The Story of SimplePleasures

Hi, I’m Caroline and I am so glad you decided to join me! First, I’d like to tell you a little about SimplePleasures and how I got here. I remember when I was little I would walk out of my room thinking I was dressed for the day and people would look at my plaid orange Bermuda shorts paired with my sparkly green flower top and tell me I didn’t match. I didn’t understand why I had to match because I just wanted to wear my favorite things. I didn’t get that certain colors went together and looked better with each other. I just understood that wearing whatever I wanted was how I expressed myself and my love for vibrant colors.

My passion to create things started around this time. I always spent my special birthday money on craft boxes or make your own bracelet kits. I would beg my parents to buy the mega pack of markers with all of the beautiful colors that would help express my creativity. It wasn’t until high school that I realized I actually wasn’t half bad at drawing and painting. This realization only sparked my imagination more. Throughout high school I spent time creating canvas after canvas and drawing after drawing. I’d get lost in the world inside my head for hours and I’d completely lose track of time. 

When creating my business I felt this same excitement. I wasn’t able to sleep because all I wanted to do was get started. Deciding the name for my business was easy, I knew right away how I wanted my customers to feel when they came to my website. I wanted to make simple things that make people happy. The more I dove deeper into ideas for my business, I was asked the question "What does SimplePleasures mean to you?" The reason I love SimplePleasures is that I tend to find happiness in my life when I keep things simple. Life often feels complex and can be easy to feel lost in a world full of challenges. So I want people to wear my jewelry as a reminder to just keep things simple. When you get caught overthinking about your life and all of the “what if’s” I want you to look at the jewelry I made you and I want it to be a reminder for you to breathe. Just take one second and pause. I want you to look at the world around you and take in all of the simple things because so many things can be beautiful without being complex. 

I have always wanted to be a person that inspires others to do something. My hope for this business is for you to ask yourself if you truly enjoy the little things in life. If the answer is no, then I want to inspire you to do so.


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