Be the Shining Light

I want to start this post by asking you to do something for me. Are you ready? Okay. If you're inside go to the closest window. If you're outside just lookup. Now the time of day you are reading this post will determine what specifically you are looking at but do you see it? If its light out then you are looking at the sun and if it's dark out for you then you're looking at the moon. Now take a second and ask yourself, were you concerned that before I asked you to do this that it wouldn't be there? No, right? You weren't concerned that the sun or the moon was going to be there because duh, it always is. They are always there to shine a light on you when you need them to. You never have to question or second guess if they are going to show up because they will always be there. Now when was the last time you needed someone but you were concerned that they wouldn't be there? Are you that person for other people? Learn from the sun and the moon. During the day, the sun shines even if no appreciates it. During the night, the moon lights up the dark sky, even if no one asked it to. The very next day they do the same thing. If you have become that person that feels under appreciated because you always show up for someone and it doesn't seem like they recognize it then be like the sun and the moon. Keep shining and do it for yourself. Sooner or later, someone will come around and show you all the admiration that you deserve for sharing your bright energy even when you feel people trying to dim it. Show up everyday for yourself because the sun doesn't stop shining just because it rained one day. Don't stop loving and supporting yourself just because you have one bad day. Love and support yourself more because you are an amazing thing that shines light on people's lives and without you, their lives would be a whole lot darker.

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