Gems are the Foundation of the Earth

To find gemstones you have to go deep beneath the Earth's surface. It takes a lot of patience, a lot of time, and a lot of dedication but, once you get there, you find a world of beautiful colors and textures that are nonexistent to the world up above. No one knows what these gems look like until you bring them to the surface. Even if you take the time to describe them to people in the outside world, they still do not know the true beauty of these unique objects. This is similar to people. To the outside world, people are what their appearance tells others. Someone who smokes weed is a loser, someone who wears a suit is rich, and someone who has bruises is broken. However, what people don't take the time to find out is how all of these people got to where they are. They don't know that the person smoking weed does it to help with the pain from chemo. They don't know that the person in the suit just lost his job and could become homeless. They don't know that those bruises were from putting in hard work on their dream house. Appearances do not tell a person's story and they do not change our foundation. Our foundation makes us into who we are and who we want to be. If you create a strong foundation full of love for ourselves and support and we allow this to carry over into our personal relationships then our journeys through life will be similar to the journey of finding a gem. In the end it will have the same appearance, beautiful. Like people, each gem is unique. Each one is made up of different colors and each one has a different story. We know they came from a strong foundation because they didn't crumble even after being broken down. So the next time you make a judgment off of someone because of the impression that their appearance gives, take a look at the gem hanging around your neck and remember that you have to have patience and you have to dig deep and eventually you will see how beautiful that person really is.

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