Planting the Seed

Have you ever been in a flower shop? I am sure we have all had to go pick up our dates corsage or boutonniere for prom before. When you walked in, did your senses immediately get overwhelmed? The smell of fresh roses engulfing your nose, the texture of the petals on your fingertips, and your eyes being completely bombarded by all of the different colors surrounding the room. When you look closely at each one you get to see how each one is different. Even the same type of flowers have special little details that are strictly unique to that specific flower. Have you ever stopped and thought for a second, how did this flower become so beautiful? Well it started with the planting of the seed. The gardener planted that seed for the flower, tended to it, and nurturing it so that once it was done growing it would be able to show its true beauty potential. Now think for a second if you have done this in your life. Have you planted a seed in your life lately? Have you nurtured this seed and given it time to grow? I mean, the gardener didn't expect the flower to reach its full potential the very next day. If he had and snipped it early because he was impatient and wanted to stick it in the bouquet then he would be robbing the world of its beauty. So when you plant a seed in your life for something you want and something that excites you, then don't snip it too early. In other words, don't give up on it before you even give yourself the chance to reach your full potential. Because if you do, then you're just robbing the world of your beauty. You were put here on this earth for a reason. You were put here with hopes and dreams and goals for a reason. If you don't allow yourself time to reach them, then you are taking away the only You that this Earth has. The Earth is full of thousands of flowers made up of different shapes, colors, and sizes that all look similar. However, the earth only gave us one of you. People don't stop buying roses because other flowers are different than them. So don't stop being who you are because you are different than others. Embrace it and allow yourself to reach your true beauty potential.

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